The lowering of the Belgian standards 3.0 : advertisers jerking off to fabricate creative DC offspring

In Belgium donor conceived children have no right to know who they descent from, nor are there any means to track down half siblings or our medical information. We don’t even have a national register that keeps track of the amount of children per sperm/egg donor.

For over 65 years the Belgian fertility industry has controlled and enforced their views on policy makers. Most of the fertility doctors don’t care about the welfare of the human beings that are being conceived with donor gametes.

In 2012 we started a movement to raise awareness about the complexity surrounding donor conception and the implications it has on us but also on all those who are involved.

In our quest to change the law we endured great opposition by the industry. Scandals, misleading reports, lying, manipulating studies, even intimidation, …

Just when we thought we had seen it all, this commercial grabbed our attention. We want share this with you so that the rest of world can see what we are dealing with.

Pulling my leg? No, it’s a penis. 
In collaboration with an advertising agency, the Belgian fertility clinic UZB (Jette) launched an infomercial where advertising boys not only lowered the standards when they decided to pull down their pants.

Two ladies – besides trying to relaunch their own careers – explain in front of the camera that the Belgian creative human kind is on the brink of extinction. They foresee a huge shortage of creative people for the upcoming decades due to the fact that less people are doing creative studies, and that those who graduate do not always end up working in the advertising sector.

It is still a mystery to us why their clairvoyance hasn’t gottten worldwide recognition yet. Clearly they should be offered a Nobel Prize or at least a seat at Oprah’s.

To counter the upcoming shortage they organized a brainstorm session with other advertising agencies. Putting their testicles together, they finally came up with this.

They decided to let our finest Belgian creative men donate their sperm so that – and I quote – “one giant blob for the Belgian creativity” can be delivered.

According to them, creativity is genetically determined. And so it can be passed on to the next generation. Maryse Bonduele, professor in Genetics of UZB, confirms these non-scientifical claims. Apparently her opinion can also be bought.

Fact: there is no such thing as a creative gene that you can pass on. An interest or capacity can be something you are born with, even if your biological parents were the least creative persons on this planet.

For example: the parents of Ricky Gervais were simple people. His father was a worker, his mother a housewife. Steve Jobs ‘ biological father was a Syrian refugee, whilst Adele’s father was plumber and famously known for his heavy drinking.

And even if there such a thing as a predisposition to be creative: it can disappear when a child is obliged to grow up in a non-creative family where its talents aren’t being nurtured or developed.

Who needs science when you got advertising, right?
Under the slogan “let’s create our own ‘ AD ‘ babies ‘, they claim that with the sperm and eggs of a self-proclaimed creative person creative offspring can be guaranteed. The last time that a sector tried to create their own race, it only brought us Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA. Just saying.

In the clip the heroes glorify the financial payment they get for delivering their creative sperm. It is a sell out where they altered their personal status into prostitutional attention seeking.

We had some good news to share with these guys: there are a lot of jobs out there where heaps of money can be earned by ejaculating creatively. And none of these jobs actually result in the creation of children.

If this campaign is the best that our Belgian advertising industry has to offer, then I fear for our creative future. I even dare to encourage a massive sterilization of the industry.

And even if there is miniscule truth to what they are saying, shouldn’t we first concentrate to fill in the current employee-gaps in other sectors and let them jerk off first?

I can’t wait to see the next recruitment campaign our government will launch.

Laughing my pants off
Is this stunt a joke? It might be. If not, the advertising people reduced their future biological children to a punch line.

Because if you really intend to create a next generation of creative people, you should be aware of the fact that these kind people are more likely (25%) to suffer from depression and schizophrenia.

Take Stephen Fry, Mozart, Sinead O’Conner, Marylin Monroe, Alexander McQueen, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Kurt Kobain, Tony Scott, Jonathan Brandis,…

7 of them died after committing suicide. Belgium has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe: per day 3 people kill themselves.

Do we really want to extend this group of people? Because besides the psychological disposition, an additional baggage is added to the mix when donor conceived are being fabricated.

With premeditation a potential suffering is inflicted on those who are created by policy that denies them access to fundamental information about their own ancestry, siblings and medical history.

The impact of not being able to fill an existential gap in ones identity not only has lifetime implications on their self-image, self-esteem, relationships, health but also on their own offspring and family life.

So before you put yourself on sale, try to fully grasp what exactly is being sold: not only your children but also your moral responsibilities just passed along the checkout.

Maybe you could consider devoting a campaign on that aspect of the issue?

With ‘creative’ regards,



  • Because these guys are recognizable in the clip but their donations are anonymous, we have gathered all information we could find on them. It will make the search of their donor conceived much easier.All of them received following tweet of us.
    Schermafbeelding 2016-01-17 om 22.12.43
  • For those who love stand up comedy. We found a bit of Bill Hicks on Marketing & Advertising 🙂

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