Men Selling Babies @ the Hilton in Brussels

Sunday the 24 of September, somewhere around 8 o’clock in the morning. Holding pamphlets in one hand and a statement on our t-shirt, we headed off in the direction of Brussels-Central station and the Hilton Hotel. Just like the previous year the American organization Men Having Babies choose this venue to promote their services. And […]

Men Selling Babies @ the Hilton in Brussel

Zondag 24 september, iets na 8u ‘s ochtends. Met flyers in de hand en een statement op het T-shirt, trokken we richting Brussel-Centraal station en het Hilton. Net zoals een jaar geleden streek de Amerikaanse organisatie Men Having Babies er neer. Ook deze keer hadden ze alles en meer in aanbieding om tegemoet te komen […]

Men Having Babies Behaving Badly

Dear Ron, I got your email and reply-reaction on my previous blog about the Surrogacy Conference that was organized by Men Having Babies, the organization you represent. In those replies you question the content of my blog but upmost you try to tackle my intellect, honesty, agenda and perspective. Well, I decided that my response […]