Can surrogacy ever be in the best interest of a child? – presentation @ ISS expert consultation in the Hague

On the 7th of December I was invited to do a short presentation at the public event on surrogacy and children’s right by ISS at the ISA expert consultation in the Hague. My name is Stephanie, I am 39 years old and a donor conceived from Belgium. I am also the president of an organization […]

Our speech at the United Nations in Geneva

On the 6th of March, we were invited by the European Centre for Law and Justice, to come and speak at their event at the United Nations in Genève. Other speakers were the British donor conceived Dr. Joanna Rose and professor Clotilde Brunette-Pons. Our presentations have been recorded and will soon be made available online. In […]

1 triplet, 1 cocktail of sperm

Our personal story is just one out of a towering pile. We have decided to share it to make the implications of the social experiment called donor conception visible to others. Affecting generations of people, it’s not only time to name but also to address the injustice that is inflicted on those involved. My name […]

Children for sale – speech Modena (Italy)

  Before I begin with my presentation I would like to thank signora Albachiara, the organization ProVita, and signore Toni Brandi for inviting me to come over and talk about an issue that most of the time isn’t addressed correctly, because people and even governments don’t want to be confronted with the actual consequences of their […]

Donor conception: Yes we can, but maybe we shouldn’t

On the 3rd November we attended in London the conference “10 years since the end of donor anonymity: have we got it right?”. In 2005 the government of the United Kingdom decided to implement a change in the law so that humans who are conceived with the genetic material of a third person, get access […]

Dear mister President of the United States of America

7th May 2014 Dear mister President of the United States of America, Dear mister Barack Obama, My name is Stephanie. I am 35 years old and live in Belgium. I am writing you as a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, wife and the mother of two beautiful children. Life hasn’t always been easy for me, but […]